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Friday, September 08, 2006

Split Personality

None of what you are going to read from here on out will make any sense unless you are informed, by me, that I have a split personality--an alter-ego, if you will. Ha! As though I needed any more ego, right? Am I right? Who's with me? High five!

Here's the thing: Ever since I first got onto the intarweb, I have used the name Philip Nolan on just about everything I have filled out: surveys, registrations, forums, and so forth. It is a privacy thing. I want to know before I open any e-mail or regular mail whether the person sending it has any idea who I REALLY am. When I see a letter for Philip Nolan, I know that it was generated by either a computer or a salesperson--or a computer salesperson, I suppose. Or a sales-computer...son.

Anyway, now I have begun to refer to Phil as a real person. In fact, I have imbued Phil with most of my creative personality. If I do a drawing that is particularly awesome, I say that Phil did it, and even though I sign it with my real initials, I still refer to it as Phil's.

That's creepy enough, but lately I have had the insane notion that Phil and I make a great team: a writer and an artist. I thought of having us review webcomics, or create a comicbook together, or some other type of creative endeavor.

I have only recently come to my senses and realized that I need expensive psychological help.

So, it is with a mixture of sadness and pride that I introduce you to Phil: the next few posts on this site will be artwork by Phil, and I hope that you are entertained. Furthermore, I have changed the link on the right to direct you to "Phil's" artwork page instead of the aborted blog "ScribCrib" (in case you weep for its demise). Also, if you want to send me money to get my head examined (or Phil's), I will start a jar on my desk called "The Bellevue Fund" and post periodic updates on how the money has been spent to un-addle my brains.

I'm feeling the love already.


Anonymous Heidi said...

It's been almost a year since your last post!


10:25 AM


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